Breitling Movements and Calibers

Pictures and Base Movements Revealed

Another kind of information I found relatively hard to find was matching the base movements to the Breitling Caliber movements. I've tried to compile an accurate and complete list of all the movements that Breitling uses and their base movements.

Since Breitling purchased Kelek in 1997, which was renamed to Breitling Chronometrie in 2002, the quality of their movements have improved immensely. Quality control issues previously experienced have been reduced and Breitling has proved themselves again a leader in producing world-class luxury sport wristwatches.

Breitling's Chronoworks® movements have the letter "C" after the designation, such as B01C.

Breitling began re-using calibre designation numbers so I have separated some of the newer introduced movements into their own section. Notably the B20 movement has been released twice, with two different base movements, neither of which are in-house.

In-House & Newer Mechanical Calibers: