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Watch Case Water Resistance Rating

Water Resistance Ratings

Have you ever wondered what the water resistance rating on your Breitling watch means? What does 30m water resistance mean? Does it mean that you can put it under 30 meters of water without any worry of leakage? Not quite. The chart below explains what water resistance is in words we can all understand.

ATM Feet Metres Usage
1 33 10 Showerproof or splashproof. Protected against accidental exposure to water.
3 100 30 Will withstand splashes or brief emersion in water, but is not suitable for swimming.
5 165 50 Suitable for swimming.
10 330 100 Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
15 500 150 Suitable for snorkeling.
30+ 1000+ 300+ Suitable for skin diving.