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Breitling Ocean Racer Strap Sizing

Sizing Your Breitling Ocean Racer Strap by Aleister

Ok, just a quick guide. As said, as long as you're careful and think before you act there should be no problems.

This is probably how the OR strap looks when delivered to you (but without the spring bar):

First, remove your existing strap/bracelet so you get the case alone:

Now, transfer the spring bars to your OR strap and then attach the strap to the case. I prefer to have the wings on my clasp/deployant the same direction as the wings on the dial of the watch:

When looking at the deployant, the red circled pin is for the deployant mechanism and has nothing to do with sizing the strap. Do NOT try to remove this one:

I prefer to set the micro adjuster in the middle when sizing the watch. That way I have some room to make it both more and less tight:

Here you see the spring bar for one side of the deployant. Compress it and remove the strap:

Now, cut with a sharp knife along the line, marked with red. Only cut away 1 piece at the same time - better to do it multiple times than getting a strap that's too short. When cutting, avoid damaging the hole for the spring bar:

Insert the spring bar from the cut piece into the strap, and then put it back into the deployant:

Now, move to the other side of the deployant. The spring bar is located inside the deployant at the red circle:

Repeat the cutting step from above (look at the same pic if you really need another pic ) and re-insert the strap.

Continue to move from one side of the deployant to the other, removing one piece per turn, till the strap feels tight enough. Remember to check that the micro adjuster is still in it's middle position.

Finally, you're there!