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Colt II Automatic

Colt II Automatic Review by David B. (UB77 on Forums)

The Story
Well, let me just start off by saying that it took me a little while to decide on this watch but I'm glad I did. This is considered Breitling's "entry level" watch. It's one of the less expensive models but that actually wasn't a major factor when I was buying it. I tried on a plethora of models at my AD and because of my tiny wrist I was very limited. I eventually decided to go with the Colt II automatic. The super ocean steelfish was too big for me at 44mm, the regular super ocean was nice but I'm not a huge fan of the number dials. Being brought up on Rolex's, the stick marker dials are right up my alley - simple, elegant and classy and at 41.10 mm the Colt II was a great fit for my small wrist.

The Packaging
Nothing special here, just the normal bakelite box. Really love the portable carrying case that comes in it. It's great for when you're going on vacations and need a small, compact case to store your watch. The usual COSC certificate, warranty, manual and hangtag are all stored in a compartment beneath the bakelite box.

The Case
The Colt II auto has a beautiful polished case which contrasts nicely against the brushed bezel and polished rider tabs. The case (head only) sits in at 90.20 grams. And its not that chunky on the wrist, with a thickness of 12.40mm it's significantly slimmer than the Steelfish. it has a screw down crown with two gaskets and is good down to 500m (1,650ft). The bezel is unidirectional. The Colt II automatic (with a diameter of 41.10mm) is just a hair bigger than it's GMT brother which sits in at 40.50mm.

The dial on the Colt II is spectacular. I was originally going to get the silver dial, but at the last second I changed my mind and went with the black dial. I have no regrets. I like being able to see the AR a little bit and on silver or white dials the AR does not seem to show through as much. The dial is very minimalist but needless to say, less is more! One of the best features on the Colt II are the oversized hands which make for very easy readability. Again one of the main attractions for me was the stick marker dial which I happen to really like.

The dial treatment includes a guilloche pattern with contrasting grooves which really pops and makes this one quite the looker. The sapphire is double AR coated and it has a blue/purple hue to it making the dial appear blue at certain angles. Because of the heavy AR coating, the sapphire 'disappears' which allows the dial to show it's beautiful details. . The super luminova on the Colt is also very good. After being out in the sun for a little while, the hand's and index's glow like light sabers. Right below the triangle index at 12 lays the signature Breitling applied wings logo. Another thing I really like is the shallow rehaut. Not deep-dish like the skyland and other models.

The Colt II comes on the Pro II bracelet and it's one of the most comfortable bands i've worn. It feels a little better on the wrist than the pilot band on my blackbird. I recommend everyone read the "biasing you're bracelet" article, when the clasp is centered to the middle of the bracelet it affords the highest level of comfort. The only downside, which holds true to most Breitling's is that the all polished bracelet collects scratches and swirls very easily. I like to keep my watch's looking new all the time so it's a constant battle to keep that mirror finish. Cape cod cloth's tend to do the trick. I'd say the pro II bracelet is a huge improvement over the Pro I and the fighter bracelet. I personally like the flatter look, along with the fully polished surface. Some people say that the Pro I is more comfortable but I would actually disagree with that. Though it all comes down to personal preference, to each their own.

The Colt II automatic is powered by Breitling's workhorse COSC certified caliber 17 movement @ 28,000 v.p.h (25 jewels). It has a 40 hour power reserve, 2 less hours than its GMT counterpart - not a big deal though because when it's not on my wrist it's on the winder. So far, it's been keeping excellent time.

Overall, the Colt II is a great watch. The Colt II automatic demonstrates an extreme aesthetic sophistication with a level of finishing and concern for detail that's rarely seen in the "entry level" product category. I personally think that it's a step above "entry level" as the Colt II quartz is one of their least expensive models. The Colt was initially developed for the armed forces, and has a reputation for reliability, precision, and functionality. For people with small wrists like myself, the Colt II is a great watch and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for anyone who's on a tight budget. The Colt II goes great with most everything whether its a suite, sweater or T-shirt. Personally, I fray away from Breitling's quartz models. For those who want a simple, classy watch the Colt II automatic is a great option.

Review by David B.