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 Post subject: Shelby12 Deal
PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:04 am 
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I sold a rubber strap and push button clasp, along with a Pro II bracelet to him. We spent 2 months going back and forth emailing and negotiating. It was a ton of time for a strap/bracelet deal, and I ended up probably making *negative* $25 per hour spent on the deal. I personally wore the bracelet, and have worn multiple pro II bracelets. Over time, these bracelets wear down a little which is a generous statement as these things are very tough, but honestly I have never had a major issue. They are tough, durable bracelets, as this one was.

After I ship them to him, he says they are both great. After a day or two he emails and says the bracelet is stretched and irreparable and asks for a return. Now, I really do not know what his experience with these bracelets is, nor did I ask. All I know is that these bracelets dont do that. I dont even need to know his experience, because I wore the bracelet and have another now that I got in on a trade attached to a Seawolf. Identical. The brand new bracelets have spaces between links, that is just how they are made. The gold bracelets stretch since it is a soft metal, but these? Not sure that they stretch that much. I even looked it up to see if there are others who think there is an issue, and found no threads of people talking about breitling pro ii bracelet stretching.

I refused the return, the deal took too much time and neither was expensively priced. I normally would accept returns and have done so before, but I just could not justify this one. I cannot spend money shipping these things, overall lose money on the sale from when I first bought these items, and accept a return for a obscure problem like this. During the email exchange, the stretching wasn't even fully addressed. I received no specific reasons or proof as to why there was abnormal stretching. No comparing to a new one or mention of experience with new or "unstretched" ones. I do not know why he was saying that there was stretch, which is the most important aspect for requesting return. Total paid for these items was 875, and I sold them for 700.

This is the first deal I have done that has not gone perfectly, and I regret that. But at the end of the day, the items were in great shape, and multiple pictures and emails were sent. Moving forward, I probably will not sell separate watch accessories, only watches. Like I said, I just could not justify going through a return here. I have paid for services, overhauls, batteries, everything after deals were already made, but I just can't spend any more time or money on this one.

That said, I really appreciate the purchase from Shelby12, I wish it would have gone smoother. I suggest to anyone to request multiple pictures and compare them to brand new item pictures. All new bracelets of this model have spacing in between links, that is how they are made. Please be diligent in doing your research, because it may not be the condition of the item, it may be how the item is originally made.

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