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My Govberg Service Experience
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Author:  BoneDoc [ Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  My Govberg Service Experience

All who have been around a while know of my (and a cornucopia of other members') stunningly good experiences with George at Govberg. I have purchased 4 Breitlings from him and have sent numerous collegues and friends his way when the watch bug bit them. I can say, as I have many times, that whenever I have the horologic itch I will always go to George first. :lingsrock:
It is for that reason that I went to Govberg first when my 5 year old Super Avenger started falling out of spec and finally stopped. This watch has been my daily beater for all 5 years of its' life and bore the scars of many a door frame, bed frame, locker edge etc... She was well used and well loved. In keeping with a previous post here on the same topic I would call my experience mixed, which given my past experience with Govberg is a failing in my mind. :cry:
The shipping, evaluation, online approval and payment processes were flawless. Once I approved the service (it was a lot of work, pretty much a complete overhaul from soup to nuts) I was given a timetable of 8 weeks. The watch was posted in their online tracking system. By that I mean it was shown as approved, work in progress.
The 8 weeks came and went with no update of any sort online. I sent an email off to inquire as to completion. Three days later I was given the response that it was in time-testing and would be shipped out first thing next week (week 9).
Week 9 came and went with no watch and no word.
Week 10; I bought my new Avenger Blacksteel from George. While we were finishing the financials I asked him if he happened to know anyone in the repair department. He said they were closed for the night (4:30pm :? ) but he would check in the morning.
True to his word I received an email stating that the watch was in time testing and would ship out the first of the week. Again.
Tuesday of week 11 the watch shipped out. Friday I received it.
The work appears perfect. The watch looks nearly new, which as I tried to portray is no small feat. If the mechanical work is of the same quality (too early to tell), I am certain it will function perfectly for years to come.
So in the end, the work product is fabulous. The time estimate and communication leave a lot to be desired. Most of my disappointment would have been avoided by simple updates online. Once every few weeks would have been more than adequate. Posting the delay and reason on their "tracking page" would have at least let me know what was going on.
The next watch I buy will be from George. The next service I get will require some investigation. I am not saying it will not be Govberg, but it may not be.

Author:  jhemmer [ Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My Govberg Service Experience

This all sounds very similar to my recent experience. Sorry to hear this.

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