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Company Bremont limited edition Airco or MB II
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Author:  happy_chapie [ Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:10 am ]
Post subject:  Company Bremont limited edition Airco or MB II

I’m just hoping to get a few opinions on a project that my company, in conjunction with Bremont, are doing to recognise 20 years of operations. ( similar to Bremont) It’s a couple of limited edition watches, a Martin Baker II and an Airco, both will have display backs, the MB II will have the different colour barrel options. The white dials have various quite subtle details with regards to my company’s history. I think there would need to be at least 15 orders to go ahead. Discount on the retail price is 15% and they are not allowed to be sold on in under three years. I have never seen a MB II with a display back, wondering they have made one before? I’m considering a MB II, but it would be an considerable outlay that I could probably spend on other things. Probably £1,000 more than I’ve ever spent on a watch. I don’t want to buy one with a view to make a profit, but expect to be retiring in the next few years. Retirement gift to myself? Having only had Breitlings in the past ( with a Mont Blanc and an Omega bought on impulse) I wonder what what anyone’s thoughts are on Bremont?

Author:  Driver8 [ Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Company Bremont limited edition Airco or MB II

I know I should be more supportive of Bremont given they're a British brand, but personally I'm not a fan at all.

I don't think their designs are overly inspiring (obviously that's just a personal opinion), but I'd have absolutely no problem with them as a brand if only their watches were priced accordingly........... BUT unfortunately their prices are plain bonkers! :tard: :lol:

The circa £4k MBII runs the BE-36AE movement, which is essentially "just" an ETA 2892-A2 (albeit the Chronometer version) with a Bremont rotor, and yet it costs significantly more than the Tudor Black Bay, the Black Bay GMT, and the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 that are all running cutting-edge in-house Chronometer (or better) rated movements, plus Omega and Tudor have infinitely more history and made infinitely more horological advancement and contribution over the years. Hell, even the cheaper Airco is still more expensive than the Tudor BB GMT! :shock:

IMO Bremont are just another "no-history" B&R-type brand who think that by pricing high they can suddenly manufacture decades of heritage, brand image and recognition. I always think when brands price themselves above their station that it's a slightly cynical attempt to draw people in with a kind of, "oh, it's expensive so it must be good" kind of mentality. Bear in mind Bremont are a year younger than Steinhart who also produce watches running ETAs and yet they manage to sell their watches for a 1/10th of the price. Obviously I appreciate that Bremont use Chronometer spec ETAs, have all original designs, etc, but I just don't see 10 times the difference in value.

Don't get me wrong, from handling a couple of their pieces I'd say Bremont's build quality is decent and they do use some trick hardened steel for their cases, etc, plus for a commemorative LE piece made for your company then that's fine and I can understand the appeal of picking one up. But if it came down to purely a value proposition, then unless it was a 50% discount I'd personally pass.

Author:  happy_chapie [ Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Company Bremont limited edition Airco or MB II

Thanks for the thoughtful insight Driver8. I’ve not quite made my mind up yet, but I’m probably going to pass on it, it’s just too much at the moment, which could be spent on other stuff. I might suggest a buy now, pay later scheme, or deferred from monthly pay. There are plans for some to be raffled and gifted to worthy individuals. Don’t think I’ll be getting one this way though!

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