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Author:  Blacktocomm [ Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  New Member!

Hi guys, I am a new member here, but am active on other watch forums. I only signed up for this because last night at about am I saw a tudor posted for sale on this forum. I created an account to talk to the seller, but lo and behold the seller has 0 post count and is using the pics from a different sale. I don't plan on being super active but I did want to post in the fake sales thread to warn others.

Anyway I am active on other forums and have good feedback on WUS R/Watchexchange and at TheGearPage for buying and selling guitar stuff.

But enough with the introductions, let's see some pics.

This is a Tudor I just sold on Reddit. I loved it on the pink strap, but everybody else I knew preferred it on a blue strap I had with it.

I also just let go of this Halios (hence looking for a Tudor to replace it) and I miss it, but was hoping to "upgrade" to something with more support for when I wear it for the next 2 decades before gifting to a child or something.

I rocked this Alpina Pilot Heritage Chrono on my wedding day. I am still looking for the steel and black version at the right price to replace this one.

While testing my phones camera I got this artsy fartsy pick of my Gen1 Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium. I actually sold this to get the blue one and haven't looked back.

The only pic I have of my first Omega. Sold it and bought the same watch all over again, but with the box and papers the second time around.

And going back in time check out this pic of my first love.... in the watch world. Before I knew better I wore this running, swimming, mountain biking. It was always on my wrist, and now it doesn't work anymore because it was loved to death. I have had it serviced twice and have realized now that it isn't worth that much money anway so it sits broken down as a reminder of why I got into this hobby just about 5 years ago.

And since I mentioned TheGearPage and my guitars here is a pic of my old setup before I stopped gigging and no longer required a monstrously loud tube amp. The Matchless is gone but the PRS has been joined by a beautiful Martin and is waiting for a new amp to sing through. Maybe once I start gigging again, or move out of a 800 sq ft apt in downtown of a large metro area.

Anway thanks for the community and hopefully nobody gets scammed by the seller!

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