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Author:  Driver8 [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:16 am ]

BroncoSport wrote:
Thanks for the effort D8. I wonder what the deciding factor was for most folks. I was a little hung on the price, but not that badly. I wonder if it was the retro styling, company, model...... Just curious.

Maybe at this time the BrietlingSource watch projects will be limited to those sub $1k watches. I still like my Steinhart LE from round one but I don't wear it very often. To me that was a great LE run because of the custom options they allowed and for the relatively inexpensive price tag.

Cheers Bronco. :thumbsup:

I think it was a combination of factors this time around actually. Cost was no doubt one of the major ones, but I just wanted us to try something totally different to the previous ones we've done here. The level of customisation this time around would've been immense, and I for one couldn't think of anything better than being able to design a watch entirely from the ground up with only a few guiding parameters and then have it produced in limited numbers.

Brand recognition was another reason I'm sure, although having seen their previous offerings I'm convinced Crepas are going places as a company, so it would've been nice to have been "in on the ground floor" with a very limited edition model. As I said originally, all their existing models have actually gone up in value due to rarity and quality, so we could've potentially had that rarest of watches - i.e. one that is (initially at least) worth more than it was bought for!

But I also think the dynamic of the forum is a little different these days compared to when the previous ones were run. Back in "ye olde days", there was a smaller but probably closer-knit core of the community here who seemed to perhaps feel a certain "ownership" of the forum, but now as the membership has grown, the dynamic is a little different : not worse, not better....., just different.

So yeah, it's a shame it didn't happen, but an idea is only as good as the number of people who buy into it......... so I guess it wasn't THAT good an idea after all! :lol:

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