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Colt chrono automatic second hand stutter
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Author:  Mattthegrayt [ Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Colt chrono automatic second hand stutter

I took delivery of new colt chronograph automatic yesterday and have noticed that the second hand seems a bit jittery at certain points. Not always the same points but mostly around the 13/14 and 21/22 second mark it lags a bit before moving on with the 8 beats per sec. The points at which it lags seem to change if I hold the watch upsidedown. I’ve read up a bit about stuttering valjoux 7750 movements which I believe this watch uses but I havent found any testimonies from colt owners with this issue. Has anyone got anything to add to this? To be honest it bothers me from an aesthetic point of view. Im attracted by the details of the watch and the craftmanship so this issue is annoying. Anyone come across this with a colt or other Breitling? Cheers

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