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Colt Chrono SS Bracelet Replacement vs. Repair
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Author:  mjbraun [ Mon May 06, 2019 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Colt Chrono SS Bracelet Replacement vs. Repair

I've had a Colt Chronograph (A5303512U) since high school that, while beat up, has more than a bit of sentimental value (been around the world with me, scuba diving, sailing, etc.). Unfortunately one of the pins holding the bracelet has become too loose (the lug opening has widened, it appears) and twice now I've had my arm out the window of a car or on a sailboat and pulled it back in just before my watch fell off my wrist. :shock: This is...less than ideal.

I've had the watch in for service and Breitling says that's just how it is now. A new SS Professional bracelet is $700 which seems a bit much given that it looks like the same watch goes used for around $1200.

So, to my questions:

1) Should I buy a used replacement bracelet and, if so, which one? I can't seem to find the exact specs or the measurements.
2) Is there somewhere I could send to get the lug reworked or replaced? I still have some of the spare lugs for letting the bracelet out.

I appreciate any suggestions or advice!

(Edit: Removed the Imgur link since it didn't seem to want to load)

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