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Breitling B-1 Crashes
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Author:  BahamaBob [ Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Breitling B-1 Crashes

Does anyone out there know what this means? I know when the battery in the B-1 gets low the letters EOL are suppose to flash in the upper display window on the dial, but for some reason mine is flashing UEL, is this a code for some other malfunction, I don't have a clue, any input would be appreciated, thank you! Bob-

Author:  breitlingsource [ Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:27 pm ]
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I've read before that UEL is the same as EOL, but happens when there is a glitch or something, but that it means that it needs a battery replacement... can't confirm it.. I got an EOL and replaced the battery when I did it.

Author:  BahamaBob [ Sun Jan 27, 2008 4:55 am ]
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Thanks admin, thanks kind of what I thought. I purchased this new from my AD on 1/20/07 and he said if the battery dies with in a year Breitling would replace it at no charge. I hope after one year and a week they still make good on it, I will keep you posted, thanks again! Bob-

Author:  breitlingsource [ Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:15 am ]
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1 year and 1 week!!! Man they'd BETTER change it for free!! :evil:

Author:  Sharkmouth [ Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:47 am ]
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The display of the message "UEL" is due to an error in the programming of the microchip in the movement. As stated above, it should really read EOL. Full story here...

No need to worry Bob, just replace the battery.

Author:  BahamaBob [ Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:04 pm ]
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Sharkmouth, excellent link!! thanks, Bob.

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