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Some questions about my Chrono SuperOcean, & NEED some l
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Author:  MarkJnk [ Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Some questions about my Chrono SuperOcean, & NEED some l

Hi Guys,

I just received my Chrono SuperOcean. Nice watch! The seller thought all links were included, but there seems to be 3 missing. I need at least one more to make it fit. Does anyone know who or where I can locate a single (or more) lin for a Pro 1 CSO bracelet? I'm in Canada.

Would a Breitling retailer like LaSwiss stock them? (yes, I'll call them)

Secondly, the day wheel is not perfecty lined up. Just ever so slightly off. How big of a job is this to repair? Would it be worthwhile to send to Breitling for something so minor? (although it does bug me).

Author:  Scarlet Evolution [ Tue Dec 04, 2007 8:46 pm ]
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The day aperture is supposed to click into place once it goes past 12. When you are approaching midnight it should look a little off, moreso than the date. Is the day wheel off all day long? If so, it could mean it was not set right to begin with (which i find extemely odd). If it were me, I would bring it in for a professional opinion. I have this same watch (love it!) and I had a little of an issue with it keeping time, but after it was running for a while it corrected itself. Is this a brand new watch?

Author:  MarkJnk [ Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:27 am ]
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No, the watch is not new. I believe it is a gre market item as the warranty card was removed from the booklet and the cosc papers were not included.

I'm familiar with the typical action fo a 7750 mov't, I've owned about 20 of them :D This one does change over correctly and flips at midnight as it should. My only complaint is that it is slightly low in the window. The day font touches the lower frame of the day window. This is consistent throughout all the days, and remains like this all day.

I really like this watch, although it is much smaller than what I am used to. The density (weight vs. size) is very high. It is a heavy watch, and this is evident by the quality of steel used, and it seems to be harder than other polished watches I've owned. there are very few swirlies on this one.

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