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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:06 pm 
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It is undeniable that skateboarding is a challenging sport. For many players, they still fail to do many tricks even they have learned to play them for a long time. They just feel that there is something wrong with their performance.

but you do not need to get insecure as this is a common problem happening to a multitude of skaters in the world, even the experienced ones. That is the reason why I have found out some amazing stunts that can trigger ordinary folks to believe that you are a greater skateboarding player than you thought.

This means there are ways that can boost your skating ability than it is actually. So why don’t you give these stunts a shot to see whether you can earn respect and admiration from the local public? Before having a look at this post, I highly recommend you have a look at SkateAdvisors as it includes not only product reviews but also techniques to improve your skating skill.


Stretching does wonders for you in many ways and one of the most noticeable ones is to persuade folks to think that you do not really suck at skateboarding as usual.

The very first thing you need to do in the skating place is to look for the most ideal spot to start performing. That should be a spot that can be easy for you to attract the attention of people around and smooth to stretch of course. Then you can start to perform many constant stretches. After you have done one turn of stretch, do one more turn again in conjunction with several ollies and finally get back to the place for stretching. Keep doing this trick until you think it is enough. If you have no clue of what an ollie is, you can check it at SkateAdvisors.

People around seeing your performance would not make it out of your real ability. They would suppose that probably the greatest part is about to appear. Actually, you can also exaggerate this trick by adding some twists and frowning during stretching as if you are ready to do amazing tricks later.



It is not the irritation and the elation also that seem to make skateboarders be cooler. Therefore, you can try applying a so-called Stoic endurance during the skating performance. It is like when you see a skater perfectly perform an NBD, which will help him to suddenly be famous on Facebook the following day. Just respect and look up to him and that is all.

What I want to highlight here is to show people around that you have worked on both the low and advanced levels of the skating session. They are very familiar to you as if an experienced skateboarder has suffered from the grinder and returned.


Supposing unexpectedly and amazingly, you successfully perform two tricks in succession, you probably will not want to take a gamble to do another land and inflict yourself to your real skateboarding novice. The best way is to act as if you have intended to land those two tricks by performing a nollie heelflip.


Supposing nobody is aware of your type of riding stance, they are not able to argue more when seeing you rolling for a short while. You just need to pivot immediately by skating around in the reverse direction. Remember not to perform any pushes as this will uncover your real poor ability that you are trying to hide. Just stay confident in whatever embarrassing situations.


If you perform skating in a skate place, there you can allocate your performance into many different parts including long stretching, some slides, and some kickflip tailslides. After having done so, ensure to leave prior to being scammed by people there. You can also try flaunting your done performance with them by having a small talk with a couple of people, even if they are strangers to you. This will make them be convinced that you are a local skater.

Another useful way is that you can let people know that you are setting up to record a video of your performance to attract them.

These are some tricks that I want to suggest to you to make you look like a skillful skater. They are just some tricks and in order to become a really good skater, you can go to SkateAddvisors to look for more tutorials.

Details about SkateAdvisors:
- Email:
- Address: 3300 Canterbury Dr St, Bloomington, MN 55431
- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551
- SkateAdvisors on tumbrl:

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 Post subject: Re: Early colt
PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:10 am 
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bellemetz wrote:
Hi all is a early colt quartz worth having restored it's in the first 100 made. watch works just showing it's age. got the box and paper work

If you like the watch (and the cost/benefit stacks up for you, or should I say cost vs utility), then yes it's worth it. Is it going to be worth a fortune once it's restored? No it won't. Restoration of something like that is only worthwhile if you personally want the watch at the end of it. It'll be a nice watch, but you won't be retiring to Monaco on it.

A lot will come down to what needs doing.


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