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Seawolf, challenging bracelet sizing
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Author:  VicLeChic [ Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Seawolf, challenging bracelet sizing

I own the first steel Seawolf with the square tip on the second hand (enemy warship symbol). Bought it new in 2013, just before the release of the Seawolf II with the arrow tip.

Last week I decided to put it on its bracelet for the first time ever as I've always worn it on a croc strap. I had to size it so I removed two links for my 18cm/7+in wrist.

It was not an easy thing to do due to the links being inclined while screws are vertical. Also, once screws are removed, each link disasembles in three pieces which are not aligned! Then, to make things worse I sized it incorrectly as 6+4 and had to start all over to get to 5+5 (remove spring bars and play with the links jigsaw...). It was tedious, the whole sizing took me almost an hour to get it right, against 10 minutes on regular links. No scratch on the lugs though :-), I use a 5x loupe with the springbar tool.

The end result is worth it, I really love the look of this bracelet. Weight difference is significant, from 168g (leather + deployant) to 224g. The head alone weighs 143g. The change of look has made me want to wear it even more than before, like three to four days in a row instead of just one day on rotation.

Strangely enough I've always prefered leather straps to bracelets on sports watches for the dressy vibe, but not anymore. I'm converting all my sports pieces back to their bracelets now. There's got to be some hidden meaning to this change of mind, surely, lol!

Here are a couple of pictures of the beast.


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