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Close to pulling the trigger on a blue SAII - Color thoughts
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Author:  Kidbooo [ Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Close to pulling the trigger on a blue SAII - Color thoughts

Hello everyone,,
On another forum I had a reply about the cream SAII vs old white dial saying they preferred the white one, but in that response he also said the blue SAII dial is better than the previous. The blue SAII is actually what got me looking at buying another Super Avenger again, but I had a blue before and that particular dial did end up growing on me some, but was also part of the reason I sold it in the end. Now if this dial is a bit darker, and like I would expect for mariner blue, I'm sold! I would actually be happy with every change because I like the bezel better, bracelet just as well, much prefer silver subs with batons, and a little lower profile and wearing closer to my 6.75 ain't bad either! So has anyone seen the blue in person who is very familiar with the previous model? Like the cream SAII some of the stock pictures look terrible, but the actual ones good, and some for the blue really good. I hope I can get a sense of how the new blue compares to the old because as my subject line says I am indeed ready to pull the trigger.

Author:  Watch nut [ Sat Jul 27, 2019 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Close to pulling the trigger on a blue SAII - Color thou

I’m a big super avenger fan, I have 2 of the original white dials and had the SA2 cream color dial and wasn’t a big fan of it and ended up selling it, I also have an original SA blue dial, the newer SA2 blue dial is very nice and is definitely on my want list. I actually love the new blue dial better than the original, I have tried it on in a store. Make the purchase you will love it, and it looks great with the baton dial

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