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Struggling with setting time on B50
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Author:  Lincon [ Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Struggling with setting time on B50

Hello everyone,,
I don't know why I'm not getting it but despite having gone several times through the manual I'm unable to grasp the concept.

So there's UTC, TIME and TIME2. I need the main time to be GMT (I'm in the UK) and Time2 to be GMT+5. Also, the analog hands to show Time and the LCD display to show the current date + Time2.

What's the point of setting UTC if you are setting your main time zone as Time and second time zone as Time2? Isn't UTC and Time setting redundant?

Perhaps I should've been clearer. I am able to set the time for both time zones but I'm unable to display them as I want, mentioned above. Somehow or the other I end up showing the main time zone Time on both analog and digital displays.

But I still don't get the purpose of UTC along with Time (main time zone). Wouldn't they both be the same?

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