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Author:  Damnfoolman [ Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  B1 Issue Forum Fix

Hi Chums,

My gorgeous B1 has been messing about for months, and I've only just looked into getting it sorted.

The UEL message appeared, so I took it too my Jeweller for a battery change, but he said that he'd tested the battery and the charge was fine, put a new one in anyway, pressure tested it and gave it back BUT the flashing issue remained. Both displays.

I did not have time to worry about it, just the potential cost of a replacement Cal78.......

Today I had some time, so plodded about a few forums and found this posted circa 2015 by Fords on TZ.

"Rotate the crown until the display is off and then pull the crown out. The top display will show "R" and the bottom display shows the time, (an hour behind the time the hands show) allowing the time to be set using the usual controls.

At this point, press the top button and the word "BAT" flashes up in the top window. HOLD the top button. The word "BAT" stays on the screen for a while and then BOTH screens go completely blank and the watch will then be in a type of quiescent "sleep mode". The screens will be blank and the hands still.

To "wake" the watch up again, push the crown back in again. The watch will return to normal operating mode reset itself to the correct time.

So, 20 seconds later. NO FLASHING! NO UEL


Thanks Fords if you are a member here.

Gotta love the internet and the helpful souls who use it constructively.



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