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Author:  flynavy807 [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Breitling Bentley

Good day all.

So, I am doing my initial looking about for my next Breitling, and the Bentley Barnato 42 (Midnight Carbon version) has caught my eye. At the same time, a Navi or Montbrilliant have been in my mind for years as well. I only get a new Breitling every few years (two so far), as I am not wealthy, so these watch purchases have to be spread out.

My question for the good people on this forum is "who buys these?" I have never seen a BB in the wild. I travel frequently for business and run into Transoceans, Navi's, Superoceans, Avengers, etc. with some frequency. I have yet to see a Bentley anywhere other than at boutiques. I'll admit that a great deal of the Bentley line leaves me a little cold, as I am a 42MM and under type guy, but I thought the Bentley's would be in demand. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places?

So, do you own one? Do you ever see others with them? If you own one, thoughts? I really like the Montbrilliant 01 in particular, but this all black Barnato 42 is calling to me...

Author:  flynavy807 [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Breitling Bentley

Thought I might include a picture. 42MM and understated (to me) for the Bentley line.


Author:  geralder [ Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Breitling Bentley

Ive seen them . I own one , and its for sale! lol check out the buy/sell/trade section

Author:  MAmendola [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Breitling Bentley

I have and wear my BB GMT daily. It is a big watch and I get a lot of compliments. However, like you, I have not seen many BB. I see a lot of other models, but have not come across a BB. I love my watch. The longest I have been with out it was when I sent it in for a full service after owning it for 5 years. It is 7 years old now and although it has its share of scratches on the bottom of the buckle, it still looks like new and keeps great time.

I am not sure who is buying these. I bought mine as a 50th birthday present for myself. I agree that many of the BB leave me cold as well. I am currently looking at a Super Ocean Day Date, with a blue dial. I am looking at pre owned. BB are not cheap but love the brand. Growing up I always dreamed of owning a Rolex but a friend of mine introduced me to Breitling and I have been hooked ever since. I do not think you will regret your purchase. It is a great watch.

Author:  SimonC [ Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Breitling Bentley

I am not really a fan of the Breitling for Bentley line.
I do recall when it started, it was due to Breitling sponsoring the Bentley Le Mans racing team which I thought was a really good move by them. When Bentley won the race in 2003, I expected to see a number of celebratory watches.
However what they have done is 'milk' this cooperation well beyond its natural end time. The Bentley racing team effectively ended when they won Le Mans, but Breitling have continued to produce literally countless watches, trading on the link between the two brands - quality, luxury etc.
What you have to understand is that Bentley have of course got a huge history; the Le Mans team was a good extension of this. However the Bentley motor cars produced by the company now have become a bit of a car for 'chavs with money' (I realise that 'chav' is a very British word. If you don't know what it means think of a young kid who has got rich playing professional sport and thinking the height of style is having a car with neon lights under the chassis - yeah wikkid man - and a huge house made in the style of an 19th century mansion with huge pillars at the front door). When you see the 'iced' Bentley Breitlings with diamonds, it makes me cringe and matches this image perfectly (I realise this is not a factory product but you know what I mean).
I am all for moving things on with new ideas but it all seems really tacky now!
And if you like the link to traditional British craftsmanship look elsewhere - Bentley are German (owned by VW) so to be honest if Breitling want a connection with a British car company they will have to look to Morgan!

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