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Breitling Bracelet Bias for Maximum Comfort

Adjusting Your Breitling Bracelet for Maximum Comfort

Breitling bracelets are a little bit different than most flip-lock bracelets out there in that they need to be slightly biased to the bottom side of the watch when they are adjusted.

Ideally you want to acheive a balanced clasp like the picture to the right, and that does not mean you want both sides to be the same length - which would be logical.

Unfortunately, sizing a Breitling bracelet is not logical... you need to have a couple more links to the top-side of the bracelet.

How the Bracelet Should Look Open

So when you have your bracelet open, it should look like this.. much longer on the top-side.

If you notice that your bracelet seems less comfortable than usual, you may want to try biasing it so that it fits properly if it does not. Centering the entire clasp in the middle of the bracelet affords the highest level of comfort.

Hope you enjoyed the tip!